Hi, this is Dr. Mary Ray. I have experienced first hand a very effective treatment to stop bedwetting, completely and quickly!

Let me tell you my story. My son had a bedwetting problem. At 5 years old he was still needing pull ups at night. But I noticed that these pull ups were not just there for accidents. They were full every night. And as you all know, pull ups don't  hold much of a 5 year olds urine so some of that ended up in the bed. So I had to get those pads for the bed too. Between the pads, the pull ups which eventually turned into Goodnites night time underware for kids, all of this was getting very expensive. Also it was getting time consuming because even with all this protection some how or other, pee managed to find its way to the bed sheets. That' what happens I guess when your bed turns into your toilet.

Ok, so I am embarrassed to say that this all went on till he was just about to turn eight. He was talking about going to friend's sleepovers and worried about wetting the bed.  So I thought, that's it we have to do SOMETHING!

I had been looking at bedwetting websites and saw the bedwetting alarms they had but they were so expensive at 150 dollars or more.

But I was desperate so, even though I thought they were probably a scam, I decided to try them.

I sat down with my son, explained what we were going to do. I let him fasten the transmitter to the special underware with Velcro. I let him pick out which alarm sound he would like to be awakened with. I explained how the alarm works. I did all this with him to ease his fears of this alarm system. He was afraid of it at first, but once we sat down and went through it al together, he was OK with it and anxious to start.

I had not even read the book that I purchased with it yet.

The first night, I heard his alarm go off and got up to make sure he went to the bathroom which he did. In the morning I noticed that the bed was a little wet. The next night, the alarm went off, he got up and used the bathroom. By the end of that week, I kid you not, in just 5 days, he had no more wet nights. He was trained. And he has been dry ever since. We only used the alarm for 5 days and that was enough to train his brain to wake up when he had to pee.

To say I was thrilled is an understatement. I wanted to have a party!

That was the best 150 dollars I had ever spent! I just wish that I had done that when he was 4.

I believe his brain was trained to pee in his nighttime diapers since a very young age and the only way to get him to stop was to retrain his brain. My husband and I had tried every thing. For 6 months we tried waking him up at night to pee....did not work at all. We tried letting him sleep with no diaper so that he would feel the pee and wake up....did not work at all and boy what a mess ( did not try that one for too long). We tried fluid restriction ...did not work. We tried avoidance of chocolate and other foods at bedtime.....did not work.

Save yourself the grief, invest in a bed wetting alarm and save a whole bunch of money, time, aggravation, horrible odors and embarrassment on your child's part!

Once you have decided to give a bed wetting alarm a try, there are a lot of different choices out there ranging from 20 dollars to 150 dollars.

The one we used was the Roger Wireless. It comes with special underware that is wired with moisture sensors and it was about 150 dollars.

Other cheaper alarms do not have underware wired to detect moisture, but just have wires to detect moisture. I can't speak for these less expensive models because that is not what we used to cure my son.



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